10 Medical Benefit of Ginger

10 Medical Benefit of Ginger - Ginger is the most popular condiment around the globe. The ginger is believed to have been originated from Asia. Though the wild varieties of ginger are not found in the forest. The use of ginger in Asia date backs to more than forty-seven hundred years ago.

10 Medical Benefit of Ginger

The plantation of the ginger is done in early summer and harvesting of the rhizome is done in winter. The plant can merely attend the height of more than one meter.

Ginger is the cheap condiments in different cuisine around the world. The popularity of the ginger is higher in the Native region than in the other part of the world.

Traditionally ginger is widely used to cure nausea, vomiting, ease from gas problems, motion sickness, etc. Ginger is considered to be the great appetizer mainly due to the appealing aroma. It is often referred to as world healthiest spice by various pundits on alternative health.

The bioactive compound named gingerol is claimed to produce beneficial effects in the human body. Gingerol is one among the hundreds of chemicals found in the ginger. This chemical is solely responsible for the pleasant aroma of the ginger.

Fresh Versus Powdered

Traditionally, the fresh ginger is crushed and used in the different culinary manual. Fresh ginger has an appealing fragrance to make cousins savory. The nutrition value of the fresh and powdered varies greatly. This requires different dose to be consumed.


Due to high demand in the international market ginger is widely produced around the globe. India accounts for the world largest production followed by China and Nepal (1).


Propagation is mostly carried by the rhizome. In the summer season rhizome is inserted into the soil and after few weeks new plant emerges from it.

Health benefit of the ginger

Ginger is lush with the goodness of nutrition. It has the higher amount of carbohydrate, moderate amount of protein and the slight amount of fat. The vitamin present is vitamin E, C and B-complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 in varying amount.

Minerals present are Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc and Sodium.

Health benefit of eating the ginger are summarized below:

1. Morning Sickness
This is the cause of massive noisome during the early stage of pregnancy. Consumption of moderate amount of ginger preferably a ginger tea can be beneficial during the morning sickness.

2. Enhance the Digestion
Due to an innate high amount of dietary fiber combined with other goodness, it is believed to accelerate the bowel movement. Smooth bowel movement is essential for adequate digestion of food in the human body (3).

Inadequate digestion is the believed to be the prime cause of hindrance in the assimilation of nutrient.

3. Menstrual Pain
Ginger is claimed to be effective in the relieve of the menstrual pain. Consuming scant amount of ginger in the morning has several beneficial effects to ease the pain during the menstrual period (4).

4. Preventing Cancer
Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of the cell. Raw ginger is lush with gingerol that has the capacity to suppress cancer in the cell.

Cancer like that occurs in the colon, prostate, breast, ovarian, etc. can be prevented by taking the ginger.

5. Anti-Microbial
Ginger has the antimicrobial properties thus can prevent the infection of various types of disease like that of germ, respiratory, viral disease, Etc. (5). Ginger can be lethal to the wide range of disease caused by Fungus, bacteria, and virus.

6. Analgesic
Like the capsaicin in the pepper, the gingerol in the ginger has the capacity to block the pain receptors. Frequent consumption of the ginger preferably as the ginger tea can yield the best result. The consumption of the ginger is associated with the reduction in the pain and inflammation (6).

7. Heart Disease
Ginger has the anti-blood-clotting ability that is beneficial for the heart health. Adequate blood pressure can be mention by consuming the ginger.

8. Diabetes
Ginger is believed to enhance the insulin sensitivity in the body leading to lots of beneficial effects on the human health.  Ginger has the capacity to increase the sensitivity of the metabolism of the carbohydrate and lipid.

Further, regular consumption of the ginger is associated with the defense against the vital organ like kidney, heart, and eye from the adverse impact.

Although it effective as the glucose regulator is highly debated. As the diabetic is prevalent in the place where the ginger is the major condiment in the diet.

9. Migraine Relief
Consuming the ginger is beneficial during the occurrence of a migraine (7)

10. Degeneration of Joint Cartilage
This is technically referred to as the osteoarthritis and can be prevented by the regular consumption of the ginger. This is the common problem encountered during the old age.

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