Top 10 diet rules everyone should follow

Top 10 diet rules everyone should follow

The weight loss process is too complex as it depends on many different factors. That’s why every slimming journey is so different and some people are able to achieve the results easier and faster than the others. On the other hand, some are not able to make any progress at all no matter how hard they try. how to lose weight fast without exercise of course it's impossible without hard work.

Still, there are some general dieting rules that are proven by time and allow the slimmers to be more effective and reach the desired body weight more painlessly. No matter if your journey is just about to begin or you are an experienced dieter, following are the top 10 rules everyone should follow.

Increase your water intake

Water intake Water is an essential compound human body needs to function properly. Almost 60% of it is water and some organs like muscles, lungs or brain contain even more. It is needed by every body’s function an without it we won’t be able to live more than just few days. The most important functions are:

  • helps with digestion
  • lubricates the joints and helps with motion
  • helps to control our temperature
  • transports nutrients
  • helps to get rid of waste materials

Besides, water is a great weight loss aid as it helps to suppress the appetite. Anytime you can’t stand the hunger anymore, few cups of water will do the job. Water also helps to reduce the confusion between thirst and hunger to minimum.

Don’t starve yourself

Overeating is not helping your diet, but so is the starvation. If you limit the calorie intake to minimum you will struggle and most likely never reach the body weight you are looking for. Once you reduce the amount of food, your body will go into survival mode and will start using your muscles as one of the primary energy sources.

Your body needs fast energy sources for the essential body functions and breaking down the fat takes just too much time. Therefore, you will start losing the muscle mass and all the stored fat will stay untouched. Instead of reducing the food intake, alter the menu and eat more vegetables or whole grains.

Tomorrow is too late

Pushing off the start of your diet to another day and then to another is a popular excuse and the reason why many people never start. The most popular days for starting the diets are definitely Mondays and “tomorrow”. Why not to enjoy that ‘last’ burger or pizza today so I can make those eating changes on Monday? This is a common story that ruins your health condition and weight loss efforts.

Start following your reasonable and healthy diet today! Do not push it off to another day or week. Start now and you’re going to reach your goal!

Veggies are your friends

You are hearing it over and over. Get used to the vegetables. They are loaded with fiber, nutrients, vitamins and other key compounds. Veggies contain  extremely low amount of calories and still can fill up your stomach, so are ideal to fight the hunger. You can eat them even at late hours when the food cravings are just about to kill you. The most common vegetables are:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Green beans
  • Asparagus

You can eat as much as you want without having to count the calories. So next time you visit the restaurant, get the healthy salad instead of fatty meat with fries and soft drink.

Go public with your diet

Even thought the fact that you are overweight and risking some health issues should be enough for your motivation, you might need little more to stay on track during the whole process. With going public with your diet and the results you want to reach you can gain positive reinforcement from your friends and the family.

Try to start a new ‘before and after’ blog. Introduce yourself, explain your goals and what are your steps to reach them. Moreover, you might inspire your readers to start their own blog as well.

Be careful while in a restaurant

Eating in restaurants can be diet-friendly, but it needs some time and planning. If you are in a hurry and have just few minutes to make your order, it will most likely not end well and you will make a bad food choice.

Therefore, get familiar with the menu before you go to have that lunch or dinner with your friends. Nowadays, the vast majority of restaurants have their menu posted online, so you can easily make a good decision at home. Do some calorie counting math and pick meal that best suits your diet you are currently sticking to.

Get some body fat calipers

This cheap tool is great for measuring the amount of fat you have, so you can easily track your progress and check if you are successful or not. When dieting, it is much more important to measure your fat loss than the weight loss. Everyone’s body composition is different and you might be gaining muscles, so the scale won’t move much but you still will be burning that nasty fat.

Therefore, if your weight is not moving for some time and your mind starts playing tricks on you, you can easily check the amount of fat and make sure you are doing the things the right way.

Don’t rely solely on diet pills

Phen375 reviewSlimming pills can help, but you can’t rely solely on them. You won’t burn any fat if you continue with your poor eating habits and lack of physical activity even if you start to take the most effective fat burner out there. Instead, get some supplement and use it as an addition to your diet and exercise routine.

Because of so many advertisements many slimmers think that these products will do all the hard work for them and in few months they can enjoy new slim body. This is just not how it works.

Stay strong the first 48 hours

Many slimmers fail before they even start – during the first 48 hours. The reason behind this fact is simple, you are addicted to food you used to eat. Before you make those needed changes, you have probably eaten loads of processed foods high in sugar. Once your body starts to digest such food, a lot of glucose is send to the brain resulting in good feeling as neurotransmitters like serotonin are released.

As you start dieting, the amount of sugar is greatly decreased and you are relying on foods that are digested slower. As a result, your body naturally starts craving what it used to have – large amount of sugars. Therefore, you have to be strong during the first few days.

Stop looking at the scale on daily bases

Scale should be used for measuring your weight, not the fat loss. It can help to track your progress, but do not rely on it on daily bases. There can be days or weeks when it won’t move much or not at all, so you can’t get easily discouraged.

These top 10 dieting tips can save you a lot of frustration when you make that healthy decision to shed those excess pounds and follow a balanced diet.

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