Effects of Calendula on the Skin: Exploring the Healing Properties of Calendula and Its Use in Skincare.

an orange flower surrounded by petals on a white surface

Natural skincare, once the cornerstone of beauty and youth, has made a comeback in today’s trends. Oils, herbs, infusions, and clay—all of these have been known to restore beauty and health to the skin and hair. While many prefer skincare based on store-bought cosmetic products, you can confidently combine both approaches to achieve the best results. Many skincare experts claim that natural extracts are the most effective in skincare, so paying attention to this detail when choosing your next cream or mask is important. Let’s talk specifically about the benefits of calendula. For many years, this plant has been actively used in making medicinal preparations and creating effective cosmetic products. To get the most out of calendula, stock up on fresh flowers and dry them in the fresh air. Even the scent of this flower has a calming effect on people.

Calendula for Skin Care During Sunbathing:

If you enjoy sunbathing every summer, don’t forget about calendula, which is excellent for your skin and helps combat sunburn. You can moisten gauze with calendula decoction and apply it to redness after sunbathing. Calendula wonderfully soothes and restores the skin, making it beautiful and healthy. During the summer, a decoction or infusion of this flower is an indispensable remedy for trips to the river or the sea. You can also prepare facial cleansing soap by adding a strong calendula decoction to it. Simply make a decoction, pour it into a glass container, and refrigerate. Remember that you can store such a product for several days, but keep it cool, so don’t prepare too much decoction.

Calendula in Facial Skincare:

Calendula excellently tones and moisturizes your skin, so you can use it as part of your daily skincare routine. Cosmetologists recommend using this plant to create your own toner. For this, you will need calendula flowers and still mineral water. Pour boiling water over calendula and let it infuse for about 40 minutes. Then strain the decoction through gauze to remove any debris. Once the decoction has cooled, transfer it to a container convenient for you and use it as a facial toner. Morning and evening, moisten a cotton pad with calendula decoction and gently wipe your cleansed facial skin. You can also apply calendula tincture on alcohol to inflammations and use it to wipe small cuts and scrapes. To make your skin more elastic and get rid of signs of premature aging, make ice cubes from calendula decoction and rub them on your facial skin every morning.

Calendula in Hair Care:

Even if you prefer expensive imported shampoos that effectively solve various hair problems, include calendula in your hair care routine. All you need to do is prepare calendula decoction and rinse your hair with it after washing. Try to get the decoction on your scalp, as this plant excellently helps improve hair growth and strengthen follicles. Rinse your hair with calendula decoction 1-2 times a week, and you will notice improvements within a month. Make sure the decoction is always fresh, as its beneficial properties are better preserved this way. There’s no need to rinse your hair additionally after using calendula. After rinsing your hair with calendula decoction, it becomes soft, shiny, and healthy.

Calendula in Body Skincare:

If you want to make your body skin more elastic and healthy, use calendula decoction for taking baths. For this, you will need a cup of fresh calendula decoction and a couple of tablespoons of sea salt. This way, you can fill your bathroom with a pleasant aroma and improve your skin’s health. A hot bath with calendula decoction is said by aromatherapy experts to improve mood and boost immunity, as the released oil vapors have a beneficial effect on the human body. Also, calendula tincture on alcohol is excellent for disinfecting skin injuries. You can use it for cuts, wounds, irritation, and inflammation. Calendula also works wonders in caring for cracked heels and treating calluses. Nowadays, mature women use calendula tincture instead of antibacterial medical preparations because this plant effectively kills germs and doesn’t cause allergies. For many years, calendula has been helping with skincare and hair care, so pay attention to the experience of your grandmothers and try using this flower.

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