Most poisonous parts of the chicken – there are a lot of “parasites” in there, but many people still eat them with gusto.

Chicken is a staple on our dinner tables due to its affordability and variety of preparation methods. However, user “Sohu” warns against consuming certain parts of the chicken, which can harbor parasites and pose health risks.

Chicken lungs

Lungs are filled with parasites and bacteria. Even with high-temperature cooking, only some parasites sensitive to heat are eliminated. Many heat-resistant bacteria remain, which can cause malaise or pose a hidden health risk. Therefore, consuming chicken lungs is not recommended.

Chicken tail (goose)

The chicken tail, where feces are excreted, harbors numerous parasites and bacteria. Eating chicken tails can harm your body, so it’s advisable to avoid this part, no matter how tasty it might be.

Chicken head

The head can accumulate harmful substances ingested by the chicken. While occasional consumption might not have immediate effects, regularly eating chicken heads can introduce these harmful substances into your body, leading to adverse health effects.

Chicken skin

Though some believe chicken skin contains beneficial collagen, it actually has minimal collagen and a high fat content. Furthermore, many parasites and bacteria lurk on its surface, making frequent consumption detrimental to health.

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