Modern fitness includes many different workout styles and exercise modes. Interval training and circuit training are the most popular sports techniques. Recently, functional fitness workouts have become especially in demand. Functional Training Essence Functional training is a relatively new sports mode based on practicing basic actions people perform daily. ThisContinue Reading

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Aging is a natural process that affects all body systems, including dental health. Older adults face many oral health issues, from tooth loss to chronic gum diseases. Understanding these changes and ensuring proper care and specialized treatment can help maintain health and quality of life throughout old age. The articleContinue Reading

As the body ages, the immune system naturally changes, reacting differently to allergens, infection triggers, own tissues, and transformed body cells. It’s known that as people get older, allergies may weaken, and autoimmune conditions might occur more often, linked to a gradual decline in immune functions with age. The immunityContinue Reading

Chicken is a staple on our dinner tables due to its affordability and variety of preparation methods. However, user “Sohu” warns against consuming certain parts of the chicken, which can harbor parasites and pose health risks. Chicken lungs Lungs are filled with parasites and bacteria. Even with high-temperature cooking, onlyContinue Reading

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The aging process is inevitable. Joint deterioration, decreased energy. As we age, we often encounter various unpleasant symptoms more frequently. That’s why after 50-60 years, nutritional needs may change. To maintain optimal body and brain function, it’s helpful to consume age-appropriate vitamins as part of a varied, balanced diet andContinue Reading