Currently, there are over 500 million women over 50 years old on Earth. In Russia, about 25% of the total population are women aged 40-69 years. Unfortunately, these years often come with health deterioration and unpleasant conditions. Interesting Facts: There are two types of aging: physiological and premature. Physiological agingContinue Reading

A captivating 3D render of a modern skincare flat lay, featuring an assortment of trendy beauty products on a textured surface. The mock products are vibrant and eye-catching, with neon hues and iridescent finishes. The scene is enhanced by layers of foil and semi-transparent effects. The overall aesthetic is sleek, young, and futuristic, creating an engaging visual experience. The background of the render is a soft gradient, complementing the vibrant colors of the beauty products. The light source adds depth and dimension, emphasizing the texture of the surface and the glossy finishes of the products., photo, 3d render

Anti-aging care involves both professional and at-home procedures. It helps maintain the tone, healthy appearance, and youthfulness of the skin, including hair follicles. It includes several stages: cleansing, exfoliating dead skin cells, nourishing, moisturizing, treating, protecting against environmental factors, and addressing signs of aging. Anti-aging care for adults Relentless timeContinue Reading